This is the perfect account for small businesses that do not write a lot of checks in a month.

  • Opening deposit requirement of just $100.
  • A low monthly fee of $10.
  • The first 150 processed transactions on this account per month are free, for each additional transaction the account will be charged $0.15 per item.
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This account is for larger businesses that initiate more than 150 debits in a month.

  • Opening deposit requirement of just $100.
  • Fees on this account are directly related to the Commercial Checking Account itself and will be based on an account analysis.
  • The fees are charged for account services and are analyzed against the earnings on collected balances in the account.  
  • In any month where the earnings on the collected balance of the account are adequate to cover the expenses of the account you will receive no service charge.

Components of Account Analysis:

Account Maintenance

$9.00 per month

Items Paid

$0.15 per item


$0.25 per deposit

Items Deposited

$0.10 per item

FDIC Insurance

$0.019 per $100

Merchant Credit Card Correction

$5.00 per item

Coin Order

$0.10 per roll

Currency Order

$0.35 per strap

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Convenient and Accessible Savings

If you want convenient access to your savings, plus tiered market rates of interest, a Money Market Account may be your savings solution. This business investment account allows you and/or your business to earn high-interest yields on your account while providing the flexibility of allowing a limited number of checks or automatic transfers from your account each month.*

  • Opening deposit requirement of $2000.
  • No monthly fee when you maintain a minimum balance of $2000.
  • If your balance drops below $2000, your monthly fee is $10.00.
  • Earn interest on your entire balance…plus, interest is tiered at $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000, paying even higher rates**
  • Additional Restrictions apply when more than 6 transactions per statement cycle occur.

*You can make unlimited in-person and ATM transactions on your account. Transfers are limited to six transactions per statement cycle, including telephone and automatic transfers, or by third party check or draft. There is a $5 charge for each withdrawal over six per month.
**All interest bearing accounts use the Daily Balance Computation Method. Interest is accrued on current balances and credited to statement monthly.

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